Parade from Sinazongwe Palace to Zongwe FM

Posted by - Juli 14, 2019

Peter Kuthan had a great idea early in the morning. A parade from the Sinazongwe Palace to Zongwe FM on the mountain with the people from Siachilaba, Zimbabwe to invite them to the exhibition "Inside / Insight Siachilaba". The exhibition of female photographers of Siachilaba has been setup many times elsewhere in the world but never in the valley. Now the exhibition is set up at the radio building of Zongwe FM in Sinazongwe.

The group Simonga from Siachilaba marched from the Sinazongwe Palace up to Zongwe FM, later a band from Sinazongwe joined in with their music. Many Chiefs from different Tonga areas.  many kids and the people from the village and from Siachilaba joined the parade and it become something like an unofficial opening of the radio station!

See another video from the Parade 2019 by the Mailko group from Sinazongwe.

Video filmed with the smartphone, the music was recorded with a Zoom and Soundman OKM in-ear-headphones.